Every Available Crevice

Love is carving out a place for itself in me.
Every time it comes to visit,
it seems to have grown
Its head pressed against the ceiling,
Its body filling every available crevice.

I was ready for a change anyway
so I invited Love to head the renovation team.

I should have known.

Last month it came through the place in a flood of grief
which ripped through all those walls and rafters
sweeping away the cobwebs
and timbers
leaving a river of Living Water
running through the Living Room.

“Much better view now,”
Love said.

This month I must have seemed cold.
All of what I thought was my home
is being ravaged
with Divine Fire.

Look what you’ve done! I say, wringing my hands.
There is nothing left!
Yes, says Love, can we move in together now?

Warming myself by the fire
that also warms me from within
under a sky full of star friends
drinking from the rivers of tears and laughter
I realize that I, too, had felt cramped in that old cobwebby space.

I have never felt more at home.
Can I stay here always?

Love’s head is pressed against the sky
Love’s body is filling every available crevice.

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