Home Again

Looking into the maw
of a great loneliness

I respond by
throwing myself into the misery
with enthusiasm.

I am not masochistic.

Something in me whispered
“You think loneliness is a sleep state
But she calls you to a greater awakening.”

And I, being a consciousness junkie, leapt in.

Here I find
the empty kiva
that echoes of lost tribes,

The abandoned stone circle
that used show us how to be

I call back through the ages.
Where have my People gone?

You and I were not made
to subsist like this
on the edges of each other’s minds.

We were made to warp and weave
The aching to be One
Leading us half mad through life
Accepting myths like
“love is scarce”

when we were made to be inseparable.

I am sorry honey, but you have become a slave to the autism of society. It is not your neurosis, but your sanity that roars
like a great beast in the night, denying you sleep, until you answer with true connection.

I am pounding on my heart drum.
I am calling,
Calling us

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