Self Care During COVID-19

This morning I saw on a friend’s facebook feed something about the next wave of the pandemic being at the mental health level, and another friend’s comment that doctor and nurse suicides have been on the rise.

My heart dropped.

My thoughts have also been with families living in close quarters with stressful dynamics and those who are facing sudden, unplanned life and career changes.

We all want this major plot twist to go as well as possible, but there is so much that is outside our personal control. Some may feel that the care of our emotional and mental health is a luxury, but for some of us, it’s a bottom line necessity — and I believe that for many of us, being able to take care of our essential selves in the midst of chaos can be our greatest contributionThis article gives perspective of someone who’s been through war, violent conflict, poverty and disaster, and understands a bit about what we’re in for in our collective healing process, and says that what we’re facing is very similar . . . and that it’s a long game. So gentle, gentle, gentle, please.

If you need additional help:

Although I haven’t ever been through a global pandemic, I’ve been trained in modalities that can be incredibly helpful for integrating the what-is-ness of right now.  My practice has slowed down considerably as I had been mostly seeing hypnotherapy clients in person; however in my virtual client sessions, we’re doing a lot of Core Transformation work and it is proving to be incredibly powerful.  I don’t think I previously appreciated how much so.

Let me know if you want to schedule something; if needed, I’m offering reduced rates to those who are on the front lines (including parents suddenly at home with small children, while trying to also shift to working virtually, or partners who are caring for Beloveds who are on the front lines) as well as those who want to be positively contributing but have been trying to figure out how to get their own oxygen masks on before putting themselves out there as a community resource.

Those who pay full price are helping me to help those who can’t.

So call or text me at 573-239-8637 or email. I’m here for you.

Breathe . . . .

Be well, be safe.

You’re wanted. You’re needed. You’re beautiful.

P.S. As part of my self-care, I’m making more music. Un-forced creativity (and sharing it) is helping me feel grounded and resourceful and happy. Here’s my new Quarantine compilation album, “Together We Rise”, which has two brand new songs and a bunch of other songs from previous albums that are perfect for these times. Free download, or name a price of your choosing.

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