help me choose the songs for my next album(s).

Friends, can you help me? I’ve been stalling out on my project to make my next music album. I can’t decide which songs to put on it. Far too many new songs to go on one album; and there are a couple of older songs I want to give some fresh attention to. All together it’s probably enough content for 3 new albums, but I can do only so much at a time.

I suddenly got the idea to ask your advice. If you were going to share my music with someone, what are your top 5 favorite songs that would be on that album?  below is a poll with a list of the song titles I’m considering. Some of them I’ve already recorded, and some of them are in the works. I would love to know your thoughts. Email me your thoughts at, or comment below. 🙏❤️

And, if you’re interested in helping me fund the project you can do so on my Patreon, or Venmo @Trina-Brunk or

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