Treasures Lost & Found

I almost can’t believe what happened. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, I got an email from my previous landlord in Minneapolis: “I think I found something that belongs to you.“

My husband Michael drove up to the twin cities yesterday and retrieved it. 

It was a box that held treasures. 

Two pieces of artwork I had made several years ago, some certificates from Hypnotherapy trainings and associations that I’d belonged to in Oregon, and a bunch of unopened copies of my first two CD’s


I’m still kind of blown away. 

They had gotten lost in the shuffle when I’d moved from my place in Minneapolis to live with Michael in St. Paul last year. I’d figured that they were just gone. And here they were again.  (they are $20 each or $30 for the pair. Email me at if you want a copy. there are 130 left of “Born to Live In These Times but only 8 available of “Breathe in the World”, first come first served).

When I think back how audacious that original idea felt 14 years ago — “maybe I could write songs” . . . Me, not really a real musician, could hardly read sheet music.  Just someone who likes to sing and play the piano, who could sometimes “hear” melodies running through my head. The idea excited me, and I thought, why not?

I had heard that if you wanted to lucid dream, you could ask your unconscious mind before going to sleep.  I thought, why couldn’t I also ask for a song? 

And so I did. 

The next morning I awoke immersed in the sweetness of an almost-dream of some music and some words that I could almost hear.  When I realized what was happening I lay there silently, taking it all in, not wishing to disturb the subtle state that I was in. After I felt satisfied that I had ‘received’ enough, I got a pen and paper and started writing down what I could remember. Over the next few days more bits and pieces emerged, and within a week, “Breathe in the World” was written in its preliminary form.

And where it’s led me, I just have to shake my head. I couldn’t have predicted what an amazing, healing adventure it has become over time. Nearly 100 songs, 12 music albums, collaborations with other musicians, traveling across the country to perform at New Thought churches, helping other songwriters record and produce their music. It has been amazing. Writing and sharing songs brings so much joy. And the biggest thing for me is not the PRODUCT, but the PROCESS: a sacred practice, being there to receive the songs that want to come through.  

The timing for this feels auspicious. 

I gave my first round of Songwriting Workshops last month, and here’s an email I got from one of the participants:

“Good Morning Trina, 

I just wrote another song this morning. . . . 
Again, I was not planning it. You’ve really got me going! 
Thank you for being my inspiration to create.

Much Love, Sue”

This is her FIFTH SONG, in the month since she took the playshop. 

I’m kind of blown away. I’m pretty sure I can’t take credit for her success. I credit her readiness to really open up and let the music flow through her, to being there to catch the song seeds that life is scattering in her direction. 

But this is so awesome I had to share! 

She’s asking for more and I’m feeling that the time is right, so I’m in the process of developing a full online program.

Are you interested in being part of this? If so let me know at

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