Why I write songs

I believe now that each one of us has songs inside, and we are the only ones who can set them free. And I honestly believe that as more of us begin singing our soul’s songs, it will astound us how truly wonderful this world really is. 

~ Trina Brunk

I didn’t start out as a songwriter — in fact I used to think that writing songs was some kind of magical skill that only certain people had. 

But at one point in my young adulthood, when I was taking a college writing course that really challenged me, I had an experience that showed me that I could open up and tap into inspiration from a greater source of wisdom and creativity, 

and I found myself writing from a deep sense of knowing that surprised me.

This became a guiding principle in everything I did, and years later, I realized that I could combine it with my passion for music to write the songs that would take me where I WANTED to go. 

This was thrilling. 

Here’s one story of how this worked.  Many years before I met my beloved husband, I was dating someone I thought was the ONE. I was head over heels in love with this man, and in my head I was busy making plans for our future together. In my selective range of vision, he seemed totally on board, until one day about 5 months into our relationship, he ghosted me. 

Went from sweet romantic visits, regular phone calls and texts at least once a day, to nothing. zip. 

Now I should back up and say, this wasn’t the first time this had happened, in fact it had happened not once but TWICE before. You’d have thought I would have figured out that maybe we weren’t on the same page somehow.

Previously, when he would come back a few weeks later, acting as though nothing had happened, I would feel disoriented and awkward-hurt for a minute, but soon I’d get lost in a pink and fluffy oxytocin haze again. 

Yes folks, love addiction is real. 

This time, however, was different. 

I couldn’t just brush it under the rug and make happy this time. 

It had happened one too many times. 

This time, the depression and grief were so heavy that I couldn’t do anything.  I was pretty much immobilized. I remember thinking that I was maybe just going to be a pathetic puddle there on the basement floor forever. Except that I had a mortgage to pay and commitments to keep. 

And I remember the thought occurring to me — “Trina, you’ve got tools. USE them.”

And so I thought about it. I knew the power of affirmations. And I had home recording studio equipment, and I knew how to write a good song. Maybe I could  . . . 

Write the words I needed to hear, 

And turn my affirmations into a song. 

So I pulled myself up, and got a notebook, and opened up my awareness, just like I had in my college writing class: 

Relaxed, and became a receptive, open listening vessel. 

The question floated into my mind: 

“If I were my own best coach, 

what would I say to myself right now? 

what are the words I need to hear? 

what do I need to remind myself, is true?” 

and I journaled for a while, using some techniques I’d learned for tuning in to a deeper wisdom, and came up with a list of affirmations, words I believed to be inherently true about all humans, at the deepest level. These became the first verse of the song that I now call, 

Wholeness song.

I am loved, 

I am worthy 

and abundant, 

I am holy, 

I am peaceful 

and awakened,

I am whole.

I am power 

and compassion,

I am consciousness in action, 

I am freedom, 

I am vision, 

I am whole.

Then I went to the piano, hit “record”, and started noodling around. 

The music was flowing and the melody came together right away, and that was OK, 

but the first time I sang the words, I felt awful, and my voice in the recording sounded just like I felt, depressed and tiny and alone.  

At this point I almost gave up, because just listening to that sad, shaky little voice reminded me of how lonely and unlovable I had been feeling. 

And so I thought, maybe she needs company. 

So I went back over and recorded another voice to go along with the first. 

It already sounded better in my ears — this girl’s got friends.

and then I recorded another one. 

By the time I had gotten about 4 tracks recorded, the song was feeling alive and really fun. it was by no means a polished recording that I’d want to publish, but it was like I could hear angel choirs singing inside me and all around me, and I felt like a million dollars. 

So right at this point, my sister popped by for a visit. 

And instead of bemoaning the situation with my absentee lover, 

I excitedly told her all about the song I just wrote and how happy I was. 

This was when it really clicked for me, 

and I recognized the power of turning the words I needed to hear, into music that literally transformed my whole experience. 

It was an identity level shift:

I had gone from feeling like a hopeless victim, 

To somebody that’s actively creating something brand new.  

Since then I’ve gone on to record the Wholeness song and almost a hundred more, and many of them I’ve put into 12 music albums and shared them with thousands of people all over the world.

It’s been heartwarming and amazing to receive feedback like these words:

“So healing and supportive. I feel embraced with hope. Thank you.” ~Ginette

“You create music that truly touches my heart and soul and this one is a prime example. This song left me feeling hopeful with the belief that maybe I could do this also. Thank you so much Trina, for all that you share with us. May God bless and keep you and yours always.”

🙏 🙏 Maureen 🙏🙏 💚💜🦋🌻🌲🌻🦋💜💚

“Thank you for lifting me in my hour of need. ❤️” ~ Liane

And it goes on. 

I felt then and still believe that Love brought me together with that man, but not for the reasons I had originally decided.

That encounter with him had given me something incredible — an opportunity to learn the healing power of my own creativity, and it gave me a joyful way to be of service.

It took me a bit to completely let go, addictions can be like that. 

But I was eventually able to set my limits and move on, 

and step into living a much more fulfilling life, where I eventually met and married my sweet Beloved husband Michael.

Parallel to my music career, I developed a keen interest in self-help and personal development, Eventually I got trained as a hypnotherapist and then a transformation coach. I continued to deepen my understanding of how positive change happens. But again and again, I always came back to songwriting. It finally occurred to me that this experience of WRITING songs —while it isn’t therapy and can’t stand alone as my only self-care practice, is one of the most powerful tools I have for lifting my life into a whole new place, bringing more stabilizing, grounded joy and fulfillment into my day to day experience.

All of that, while also giving me something I can share with my loved ones and the wider world! Which is super duper icing on the cake. 

Eventually I found my way to the meditation app Insight Timer where I became a teacher and began giving regular live stream performances. 

One day, my colleague Achu, another wonderful teacher on Insight Timer who I collaborate with, messaged me — 

“Trina, if you could teach a course on anything, what would it be?”

And almost before I could stop myself, I messaged back — “SoulSong writing. How to turn your affirmations into singable songs that take you from where you are to where you want to go.”

And I saw those words I had texted, and it stood out like neon blinking lights —

it felt so strong and clear and natural, I knew that I had to do it. 

So I took my time and thought about what I’d learned in my college writing class, and all my songwriting experiences since then, and I realized that it came down to just four basic components that really, anyone who has even the most basic music ability can do. 

I’ve woven all I’ve learned into my “SoulSong Writing Workshop” that goes over each of the 4 components in depth. It’s my intention that anyone who puts in the effort and shows up wholeheartedly will come out of the workshop with at least the beginnings of a song of their own and the awareness of what to do to take it further. 

The first time I ran the workshop, hardly anyone showed up (I was a bit tentative with getting the word out). But those who did had a whole lot to say! One participant who took the workshop a month ago sent me an email last week saying: 

Good Morning Trina 

I just wrote another song this morning. [This was I think her 5th song since the workshop!]

Again, I was not planning it.

This is called  It’s Only You ,

A love song to my Creator

Again, you’ve really got me going! Thank you for being my inspiration to create. 

Much love, 


I believe now that each one of us has songs inside, and we are the only ones who can set them free. And I honestly believe that as more of us begin singing our soul’s songs, it will astound us how truly wonderful this world really is. 

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