what does the gut say? (trigger warning)

Our bodies are so wise.

My body has been giving me strong signals to pay attention. Last week the discomfort was pretty intense and I decided to just ask, and listen, to find out what my body is wanting. I felt blown away by what I experienced . . . And inspired to make this little video of that “interview”.

Trigger warning: This video brings up uncomfortable feelings that could be triggering for some folks (CPTSD etc.). Watch at your own discretion.

(interestingly, my gut felt a whole lot better afterwards after making this! But seems to be asking for me to continue to pay attention, because there’s a whole lot that still needs to unwind, and continue to create.)
I shared with several dear ones whose perspective I value, and they all told me that this was powerful and helpful for them. 
So I decided to share here in case others could find it helpful.

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