Accepting A New Oneness

What would it take to feel willing to really step into the idea that we are all One?

Does it require that we agree, or even care about each other?

Or is it simply an observation that even if some are insulated from the consequences of their action/inaction/privilege/unconsciousness,

that we’re all made of the same stuff,

we all need to breathe air and drink water,

we all feel pain,

all were born

and all will die;

all feel some sense of identity that we’re all humans,

all of planet Earth,

and while we are alive,

that we all want our lives to be good?

What if it’s not about whether we’re comfortable or not with our oneness, but rather the fact that the sooner we accept it, full of barbed wire and land mines as it is, the sooner we’ll get to the heart of what makes it feel so incredibly hard to remember that we are all related . . .

and we’re all going to be much better off the sooner we can lean into the pain,

find our connections,

and do the necessary work

to take care of OUR side of the connection,

and surrender trying to do the other’s work for them?

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